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{American Revolution}.  JOSIAH QUINCY, JR.  Observations on the Act of Parliament, Commonly Called the Boston Port-Bill; with Thoughts on Civil Society and Standing Armies.  Boston: Edes and Gill, April 1774.  Wraps (not original).  Dedication and Preface with Errata present along with 82 pages of text (complete); professionally prepared facsimile title page on 18th century paper.  Occasional foxing but overall in very good condition.  The date of May 27, 1810 is written in ink at the top of page 23.  Following the Boston Tea Party in December 1773, England imposed the first of the Intolerable Acts, known as the Boston Port-Bill, that imposed a blockade of the Boston harbor.  Josiah Quincy, Jr., a lawyer and colleague of John Adams in the defense of the soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre, prepared this pamphlet as an indictment of the Crown’s actions.  The work was reprinted in London and in Philadelphia, likely for the delegates to the Continental Congress.  A truly influential pamphlet that inspired the residents of Boston to rebellion.  Printed hastily, an errata was placed on the Preface (present in this copy).  Quincy was ill at the time of writing his protestations and died the following year.  Selected for inclusion (Number 18) in William S. Reese’s The Revolutionary Hundred,  (New Haven, 2016.  Evans 13561.  Sabin 67192.  OCLC locates two copies at the New Hampshire Historical Society and the Library Company of Philadelphia, however copies are also held by the American Antiquarian Society and the Boston Athenaeum.  $4,500

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