Buying & Selling

Rare and Collectible Books, Maps, Prints and other Ephemera

On my website will be found a selection of interesting books, maps and ephemera. My interests are varied and there’s always something “new” on my shelves.

Collecting is all about the adventure

Over the years it’s been a challenge for me to specialize because I find everything so interesting! My offerings cover a wide gamut and include antique maps, prints, and ephemera, as well as rare and antique books. I’ve learned to appreciate fine press books along with Americana, fine bindings, illustrated books, signed books, and especially anything with some cachet or with a particular distinction – such as having historical significance.


Buying and Selling isn’t a means to an end: It’s my passion.


My Collecting Methodology

I have a particular methodology when I’m looking to acquire an item. I always begin by first asking: Why buy this? Anything I buy has to have some special quality such as historical significance, literary value, or some physical aspect like a fine binding or some other special quality. It’s a formula that works for me. I’d rather buy the one item that’s special and stands out to me than a whole collection of ordinary items.

My Process

The best sources of information and feedback regarding my practices over the years has been interaction with other collectors and colleagues at meetings, auctions and book fairs, along with exhaustive reading of reference materials including bibliographies, auction catalogs, and bookseller catalogs. 

Of all of the factors that I consider, condition is always the first and most important factor in any acquisition. After condition, I consider an item’s collectibility based upon thorough research.  It’s important to know if an item sold in a significant auction, is held by a major collection, or has been offered by a major dealer. I’ve arrived at this process after years of experience and constant refinement, collaboration with other collectors, and through research.

My Clients are My Best Teachers

I pride myself on personal service, and I take a great interest in my customer’s collecting interests. Over the years, my patrons have taught me the value of focusing on what appeals to discerning collectors, institutions and colleagues, who have taught me a great deal about what they consider marketable through their catalogs, of which I have a sizable collection.

It’s all a work-in-progress, so to speak, because the more I see out there, the more I learn and the more inspired I become!

Terms of Sale: All items are offered subject to prior sale and guaranteed. Returns are accepted within ten days with prior notification and in the same condition as sold. Established customers may receive 30-day invoices and institutions may be granted credit on their customary terms. To inquire about an item, please phone or e-mail. Payment by check or Paypal is preferred.

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